Asset Finance Connect Charity Partner Professors Without Borders

Professors Without Borders

Professors Without Borders works to improve teacher mobility around the world so that every student can experience a dedicated, professional and inspiring learning environment that will fire them up for their next stages in life. We empower students to confidently engage with the world and make it a better place, starting with their immediate environment.

To achieve these objectives, Professors Without Borders focuses on skills-building such as entrepreneurship, communications and writing skills, financial literacy, team-work and confidence-building. These skills help prepare students to be high-achieving contributors to society, whether through their own entrepreneurial vision or when working with a company. Our global network of talented educators are specialists in their fields and excited to share their love for learning with their students.

All countries need talent to develop, and they need this talent at home. While we cannot reverse the brain drain, we can target local talent and contribute to their academic and professional development through capacity building.

What our charity is doing is ambitious as well as important. We are modernising education and inspiring change where it is needed the most.

About the fellowship

Professors Without Borders is launching a new fellowship for women in higher education. Despite record numbers of female students and faculty in higher education, women continue to hit the glass ceiling with less than 30% in top leadership positions.

The Empowering Women in Higher Education Fellowship aims to address some of the recurring challenges faced by women working in the higher education sector and provide them with the tools, resources, mentoring and networking opportunities to improve social mobility in academic careers.

Asset Finance Connect is partnering with Professors Without Borders to deliver the Empowering Women in Higher Education Fellowship and enable women, wherever they are, to freely access the community and support they need to build successful careers in education.

Caroline Varin, CEO and co-founder of Professors Without Borders

Caroline Varin is CEO and co-founder of Professors Without Borders. She has led the charity since 2016, overseeing its expansion, the creation of the Think Tank and Prowibo Online. In addition, she has published seven books on international security and more recently on the use of games in higher education. She was senior lecturer in international relations and law at Regent’s University London, and has taught at Richmond University and the London School of Economics.

Caroline holds a PhD in International Relations and an MSc in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics, an LLM in International Law from the Universita di Bologna, Italy, and a BA in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. She recently completed an MBA in Educational Leadership at Tampere University, Finland.